At PMX Systems AG, our values and principles are at the heart of our corporate philosophy. We focus on sustainability, innovation and the highest quality to create intelligent IoT solutions for global mobility measurement.

For us, our DNA means...

 High-quality, durable products.

 Repairability with lifetime firmware update guarantee.

 "Swiss made" seal for global recognition.

 Degradable packaging for worldwide shipments.

Our corporate culture is based on clear values and principles that characterise our daily work and decision-making. We are proud to focus on sustainability. This is reflected not only in our degradable packaging, but also in the long-lasting design of our products.

We believe that innovative technologies can shape the future and consistently focus on progressive solutions. Quality is our top priority. We place the highest value on precise workmanship and reliable performance. Our products bear the "Swiss made" seal, which stands for the highest Swiss standards. Our mission is to use intelligent technical systems to solve acute challenges on this planet and thereby improve people's lives.

Sustainable packaging

We use degradable packaging for worldwide shipments, including cardboard, glassine bags and grass paper. Even if they end up in the environment, our packaging disintegrates within a few days.

Quality standards

Durable and robust for outdoor use, PMX products are manufactured from high quality materials. With a planned service life of 10 years, customised tests and configurations, we offer an extendable 24-month warranty.

The right to repair

We focus on durable, repairable products. All our products are designed to be easy to repair. Our counting solutions are not only durable, but also offer a lifetime firmware update guarantee. Repairs are possible for at least 10 years from the date of purchase.

Swiss made

Our products bear the "Swiss made" seal, which represents our quality standards. Our goal is global recognition and competition at the highest international level. We rely on Swiss quality to be successful in markets such as the USA and Japan.